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Faith and Hope

Each chapter that is ending leads you to a new beginning,

The past you are leaving means future you are winning,

How you meet each challenge determines what you gain,

So believe that…

The only thing which stands between you and what you want from your life is…

FAITH(In Yourself) To believe that it is possible…


I was walking in the morning today and was thinking how will I wrap the above lines in a blog? I got my answer from one word, “Faith”. I thought there is something common in “Faith” and “Hope” but there are differences as well.

Faith: – Complete confidence in a person or plan etc


Allegory of faith, by L.S. Carmona (1752–53). Veil symbolizes the impossibility to know directly the evidences.

Hope: -Someone (or something) on which expectations are centered.

Spes or
Spes or “Hope”; engraving by Sebald Beham, German c1540


  • Both drive a person from darkness towards high spirits in testing times.
  • They yield positive feelings.
  • Faith is related closely to a person (him/her)self and not associated with others (It is my point of view) and so you are responsible for the outcome and believe me, outcome will be +ve in 90% of cases and rest 5% is left for hope.
  • Hope and expectations are almost same side of a coin where you yourself are not responsible for the outcome and that is the basic difference where you are dependent on person who is not you and so you have no control on outcome and you can’t cry on the outcome, you can’t take responsibility of the same because you are not the main subject even though you will be the person who will be affected by that outcome for which you are hoping but you are helpless.

Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful




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