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Daily Post: Helplessness of a Common Citizen of India

Enough is enough.

There has been gender discrimination from years in country on the name religion, superiority, and culture. Women are sexually harassed, molested daily at public places, raped, and murdered in the modern world. Brutality of crime is increasing day by day. Educated and uneducated Men who are jealous of progress of modern women want to prove their superiority with muscle power rather than intellectual power or with knowledge power.

It is not new but now it can’t be behind the curtain. Reason I feel helpless is I wonder what makes the man behave worst than animals. Why laws are implemented strictly? Why the families of criminals try to use all the powers to save the rapists, do they even think what it will be like if it would have happened in their own home? Why there is a race to prove the point that women need to wear certain kind of clothes, certain kind of attire and behavior? Why Boys are treated as if they are the free animals who can do whatever they want? Why there is so much arrogance in boys towards girls? Why sex education is perceived as a sin? Why teachers are molesting students? Why orphanage kids are sexually abused? Why there can’t be any leader who stands up in front of all crimes against women? Why Political class is insensitive? Why Police is not sensitive towards victims? Why? Why? Why?

 42968 Molestation cases, 24206 Rapes, 8570 Sexual Harassments – Source NCRB, 2011


I am extremely disappointed at the political class and religious organizations which are always in a queue to gain publicity but when there is a time to stand up for the cause, they apply the art of looking for trouble, find it everywhere, diagnose it incorrectly and apply the wrong remedies. No freedom fighter would have wished to see India like this. We are still prisoners of our own hypocrisy.

India is no longer a country India was, once upon a time.

I feel helpless, I feel ashamed. The only thing I can do is to keep my home clean. To spread awareness about gender equality and to teach boys nearby me to respect women but it is so little that I feel helplessness.

Daily Prompt: Helpless


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Teacher’s Pet – Teacher who had a real impact on your life

William Arthur Ward rightly quoted, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

I am fortunate enough to have inspiring teachers from my school days. My father and mother both were teachers and from the very early age I used to worship my teachers. Even having certain kind of issues with some teachers, my respect towards them has been never doubted by soul; I don’t have fault finding tendency, though I must accept at times, I might not have been happy with certain individuals.

In my Primary School days, my father and mother inspired me a lot to participate in various co-curricular activities and that was the reason I was a active participant in elocution and song competitions till 12th standard. Mr. Vishnu Pandya, whom we used to call V.M.Pandya was a great inspiration to us because of English speaking ability. We used to imitate him while speaking English. In a small village where I was studying, he inspired me to speak English just because of his style and it has helped me over the years in my professional life. Our Principle Devisinh Parmar inspired me to inject discipline in my life. In my college days, I was extremely impressed by two teachers. I don’t like the word professors/lecturers because I feel the word “Teacher” has the great impact and attached respect with it. H.K. Desai impressed me with his simplicity and humble nature; even when I visit his home today, he is just like the person I know. Mr. Jitendra patel had an aura around him. In college days I used to be mesmerized by his personality, style, and discipline. I used to fear from his presence but I admire him a lot for his disciplinary life style.

Vinay Kher left a great impact on my Life and I was never the same. He stands out when I need to owe my life to someone who has inspired me for thousands of reasons.

As Nicholas Sparks quoted, “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it”… I didn’t know when I started to learn things from him. It was a crisis time in my life. Personally, I was going through the biggest self-created trauma of my life… I was down and out; I used to lose my mental balance more often than not; my focus was certainly not on my Professional life and he embraced me in his aura. His persona has such a charismatic effect that I could not only come out from the trauma but improved as a professional. My programming became better and my vision changed. He not only taught me how to look at things, but inspired me live a meaningful life.

I haven’t forgotten what he said once… “Keep company of the things which are not alive…like Books, Games and other interest because living things may change after changed priorities”…and this sentence has been extremely influential after that day. I enjoy myself even when I am alone and this was unthinkable before 3-4 years. I wanted to run away from my problems and even from my life and I stopped him indirectly number of times but still he inspired me…

You can’t stop a teacher when they want to do something. They just do it. – J.D. Salinger

When you study great teachers… you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style… I observed a lot on how he works and understood what dedication is!

Fortunately, He is always with me and He always inspires me!

Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet