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Daily Post: Helplessness of a Common Citizen of India

Enough is enough.

There has been gender discrimination from years in country on the name religion, superiority, and culture. Women are sexually harassed, molested daily at public places, raped, and murdered in the modern world. Brutality of crime is increasing day by day. Educated and uneducated Men who are jealous of progress of modern women want to prove their superiority with muscle power rather than intellectual power or with knowledge power.

It is not new but now it can’t be behind the curtain. Reason I feel helpless is I wonder what makes the man behave worst than animals. Why laws are implemented strictly? Why the families of criminals try to use all the powers to save the rapists, do they even think what it will be like if it would have happened in their own home? Why there is a race to prove the point that women need to wear certain kind of clothes, certain kind of attire and behavior? Why Boys are treated as if they are the free animals who can do whatever they want? Why there is so much arrogance in boys towards girls? Why sex education is perceived as a sin? Why teachers are molesting students? Why orphanage kids are sexually abused? Why there can’t be any leader who stands up in front of all crimes against women? Why Political class is insensitive? Why Police is not sensitive towards victims? Why? Why? Why?

 42968 Molestation cases, 24206 Rapes, 8570 Sexual Harassments – Source NCRB, 2011


I am extremely disappointed at the political class and religious organizations which are always in a queue to gain publicity but when there is a time to stand up for the cause, they apply the art of looking for trouble, find it everywhere, diagnose it incorrectly and apply the wrong remedies. No freedom fighter would have wished to see India like this. We are still prisoners of our own hypocrisy.

India is no longer a country India was, once upon a time.

I feel helpless, I feel ashamed. The only thing I can do is to keep my home clean. To spread awareness about gender equality and to teach boys nearby me to respect women but it is so little that I feel helplessness.

Daily Prompt: Helpless


4 thoughts on “Daily Post: Helplessness of a Common Citizen of India

  1. Awareness, you got it right. That is the first step. If you are from India, there was an Indian Mystic who wrote about a book on Awareness, Anthony DeMello. Don’t be turned off with religion for he was a Jesuit. I’m not from India but I do feel for what’s happening in India and other countries where there’s so much crime is done to humanity. Take Care.

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