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Daily Prompt: Polite Company – Never a good idea to discuss religion or politics!

“Anyone who thinks sitting in temple / mosque / church can make you a religious person must also think that sitting on a chair or making absurd statement can make you a politician.”

The problem with debates on politics or religion nowadays is… Expert is available in each person and everyone think they are right. None wants to listen other’s opinion. None wants to give attention to the good aspect. Criticizing is becoming a a fashion and with the social media on its verge, It is very easy to spread opinions which are not constructive.

On Twitter specifically, it has become a fashion to abuse or to use foul language while discussing with unknown person about religion or on political thought process.

It is not only harmful to the society but to the person itself. Hatred is like a fire, if you play with it…you can burn yourself and you won’t be able to help yourselves.

All these things happens because lack of knowledge on political thought process and religion and suddenly we want to prove our knowledge superior even-though it is very limited…

Thus it is always better to not to discuss religion or politics without prior knowledge to anyone and not only to unknown persons.

Daily Prompt: Polite Company