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My own Eulogy at the Sunset of my Thought Provoking Creativity

The best time in my life when I will believe that my mind’s creativity is starting to diminish I would like to read out my own eulogy loud enough to remind myself to stretch myself…to keep my creativity alive.

In four words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: “Show must go on.” Spring is never far behind the winter…happiness will be the certain stage after extreme pain. It just reflects sin curve behavior. This is one of the thing for which I will give credit to my own self for understanding even in trying times of my life. I will praise myself for having hope at the time of my life when things where in complete chaos and still I was able to fight it out with hope.

Hope created chaos as well but my faith came to rescue. My faith in my beliefs filled my life with positivity. There was a time when I was bothered by little things. Small things disturbed me; I let down myself by giving importance to others and forgot the fact that to love own self is the biggest achievement and that has to be the base to love others. With experience I became a person who was more than what bothered me.

Throughout the span of my creativity, I was the person with ego to be best but still I was aware that better things and humans exists and I need to learn things to improve. Inferiority complex never destroyed me…in fact it drove me to excellence.

Criticizing my own self for my behavior was my best time pass. I used to analyze how could have I done things differently? What I need to do in future to improve on grey areas.

All in all, I fought a huge battle with my own self to improve; I succeeded at times and I failed at times but I never failed to give efforts. In trying times, you need to TRY! 🙂 I did that. That was me.

 Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed