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Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

You ring! You buzz! You thrill! You disappoint!


How can I live without you? How did I live without you? How would I live without you?

Some say you are an obsession but I say it’s an obsession by choice!


You bring good news, you bring bad news, and you make friends closer

You make things bitter, you create misunderstandings, and you give sleepless nights


You give heart attacks when you are on silent and you are lost

It’s true; you are a tool for the fool and for the wise too! You are a need of an hour…

My Mobile is all of three… It is a lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, and something in between in different situations.

When I am expecting some news, my mobile is my lifeline. It’s a medium of connection which surprises me at times when I receive unexpected call from my old friends after a long time. It just become lifeline for that relation and suddenly I relive all my past moments again and that also after a single call on my mobile. My emotions go on a ride with joy and tears come out slowly out of Joy.

There are times when I want to be alone; I want to be just me and desire to do things which I want and suddenly Mobile rings and I hate it like anything. My complete routine is in danger and things get complicated since I want to do other things but I need to do some other things just because of that call. It is such a dilemma and there is a internal fight between my heart and my mind on what to do. My brain says, “It may be important call…Someone may be in need” and My Heart says, “There was a life even when Mobile/Phone didn’t exist…Just be alone and do what you wanna do…” At times, you wish that Phone doesn’t ring and disturb the peace or occasion and believe me it does just that immediately after that thought 🙂 

Sometimes it is both…

Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe