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My LifeStory in My Favorite Quote – II

Since childhood, I have been extremely anxious and result minded boy. There is a sense of urgency in whatever I do. I never keep things hanging whether it is in relation, life, education, blogging, professional assignment or my promises…

Everything has sense of urgency and I hate people secretly who doesn’t have sense of urgency.

I remember how I wanted to be in love for life time that time; This is true whenever I like someone… Everything I do has quick decisiveness, passion, honesty, and meaning. I take my decisions quickly because I know the value of relation and emotions.

My commitments haven’t killed by my own self. It has been murdered on the name of tradition and priorities by other Parties and unfortunately I can’t blame anyone because I believe there is no other person responsible for your misery.You … Yes, You are responsible for your own misery. This is not a random thought…I have been a great believer and follower in this since long and so I always blame myself.   

From personal point of view, My desires never lost value due to lack of urgency and it will never loose value in future.

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