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Mind the Gap – Dear Zindgi, Parents, and Elephant in the Room!

Exemplary: Deserving imitation because of excellence … This is for Dear Zindgi!

Kaira & Dr. Jehangir Khan has started a Thread to address a “Problem” (Elephant in the Room) that needs to be addressed by Parents for betterment of their Family. According to Confucius, Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. We often think that to achieve something or to get someone we need to go through lot of pain. We also feel that it has to be a difficult path and that’s the only way to get what we want.

But the question is, whether we are ready to face those difficulties? If not then why to complicate things? Why can’t we choose easier path and keep our mind peaceful? Continue reading “Mind the Gap – Dear Zindgi, Parents, and Elephant in the Room!”

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Daily Prompt: All About Me

According to Dictionary meaning,

  • Vivid – Perceived or felt with the freshness of immediate experience; remaining distinct in the mind
  • Vision – The manner in which one sees or conceives of something.

 “If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse… but surely you will see the wildness!” ― Pablo Picasso

When I started this blog, basic idea was to create a blog for my photography. I purchased a new camera and I was extremely excited about that. I created a blog with the name “My.Vivid.Pictures”; after sometime, I came to know about and I realized that the area of reach my blog name conveys is very limited.

I have been over emotional from years and that has led to various kind of thought process. I have my opinion on almost everything; having said that, I am always open to improve my though process and hence I am open minded also and can take the criticism.

I mused over the scenario and then realized that the current blog name is not serving the purpose and considering the interesting subjects Daily Post provides, I couldn’t resist and decided to change the name of my blog. I wanted to have a name which can be inclusive of all things in my world and in rest o the world, I wanted to convey in straight forward manner that whatever I write or click, is from my own vision and the way I see it or the way I interpret it. Hence I picked the word “Vision”. My opinions and my way of interpretations are distinct in my mind at least and it comes from immediate experience hence I picked the word “Vivid”…

That’s the story behind Know more About Me.

Daily Prompt: All About Me


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Daily Prompt: Polite Company – Never a good idea to discuss religion or politics!

“Anyone who thinks sitting in temple / mosque / church can make you a religious person must also think that sitting on a chair or making absurd statement can make you a politician.”

The problem with debates on politics or religion nowadays is… Expert is available in each person and everyone think they are right. None wants to listen other’s opinion. None wants to give attention to the good aspect. Criticizing is becoming a a fashion and with the social media on its verge, It is very easy to spread opinions which are not constructive.

On Twitter specifically, it has become a fashion to abuse or to use foul language while discussing with unknown person about religion or on political thought process.

It is not only harmful to the society but to the person itself. Hatred is like a fire, if you play with it…you can burn yourself and you won’t be able to help yourselves.

All these things happens because lack of knowledge on political thought process and religion and suddenly we want to prove our knowledge superior even-though it is very limited…

Thus it is always better to not to discuss religion or politics without prior knowledge to anyone and not only to unknown persons.

Daily Prompt: Polite Company

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Daily Post: Helplessness of a Common Citizen of India

Enough is enough.

There has been gender discrimination from years in country on the name religion, superiority, and culture. Women are sexually harassed, molested daily at public places, raped, and murdered in the modern world. Brutality of crime is increasing day by day. Educated and uneducated Men who are jealous of progress of modern women want to prove their superiority with muscle power rather than intellectual power or with knowledge power.

It is not new but now it can’t be behind the curtain. Reason I feel helpless is I wonder what makes the man behave worst than animals. Why laws are implemented strictly? Why the families of criminals try to use all the powers to save the rapists, do they even think what it will be like if it would have happened in their own home? Why there is a race to prove the point that women need to wear certain kind of clothes, certain kind of attire and behavior? Why Boys are treated as if they are the free animals who can do whatever they want? Why there is so much arrogance in boys towards girls? Why sex education is perceived as a sin? Why teachers are molesting students? Why orphanage kids are sexually abused? Why there can’t be any leader who stands up in front of all crimes against women? Why Political class is insensitive? Why Police is not sensitive towards victims? Why? Why? Why?

 42968 Molestation cases, 24206 Rapes, 8570 Sexual Harassments – Source NCRB, 2011


I am extremely disappointed at the political class and religious organizations which are always in a queue to gain publicity but when there is a time to stand up for the cause, they apply the art of looking for trouble, find it everywhere, diagnose it incorrectly and apply the wrong remedies. No freedom fighter would have wished to see India like this. We are still prisoners of our own hypocrisy.

India is no longer a country India was, once upon a time.

I feel helpless, I feel ashamed. The only thing I can do is to keep my home clean. To spread awareness about gender equality and to teach boys nearby me to respect women but it is so little that I feel helplessness.

Daily Prompt: Helpless


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My LifeStory in My Favorite Quote – II

Since childhood, I have been extremely anxious and result minded boy. There is a sense of urgency in whatever I do. I never keep things hanging whether it is in relation, life, education, blogging, professional assignment or my promises…

Everything has sense of urgency and I hate people secretly who doesn’t have sense of urgency.

I remember how I wanted to be in love for life time that time; This is true whenever I like someone… Everything I do has quick decisiveness, passion, honesty, and meaning. I take my decisions quickly because I know the value of relation and emotions.

My commitments haven’t killed by my own self. It has been murdered on the name of tradition and priorities by other Parties and unfortunately I can’t blame anyone because I believe there is no other person responsible for your misery.You … Yes, You are responsible for your own misery. This is not a random thought…I have been a great believer and follower in this since long and so I always blame myself.   

From personal point of view, My desires never lost value due to lack of urgency and it will never loose value in future.

Daily Prompt: Quote Me

My LifeStory in My Favorite Quote – I

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My LifeStory in My Favorite Quote – I

Whenever I feel alone, whenever I am disappointed with my relations, whenever my expectations and hopes are murdered, whenever I feel betrayed, whenever my faith is shaken…

I return to this quote:

It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.’ – Sam Levenson

Daily Prompt: Quote Me

My LifeStory in My Favorite Quote – II

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures – IV

Bangles (aka churi or Choodi) are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is tradition that the bride will try to wear as many small glass bangles as possible at her wedding and the honeymoon will end when the last bangle breaks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures