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Daily Prompt: My Father is my Hero

My Father is my Hero.

When I was a child and became 18+, all problems had ended with a single word from my father. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.

He helps me become the person I want to be and inspire me to make a difference. He knows better who he is and what capabilities he has. He never say NO to anything which is positive and turns negative things in positive and that’s his aura. Important thing is, I have never accepted or communicated to him what I feel about him. We are quite fine in our communication but I take my inspiration from him. I see my weaknesses while analyzing his strengths. As a part of him I feel I must do 10% what he is capable of and that’s the motivation for me.

He won’t pretend to be someone who he is not, and won’t be fake just to suit other people. From the childhood he has provided us the freedom and gave us lot of choices. I still remember he used to take us to Library on his cycle when we were 4-5 years old and the reason behind that was to cultivate the interest in reading since Books are the best friend of human beings. Though He never forced us to read books but his intent was in right direction.

He is living life the way I would like to; helping people unconditionally, working hard for even the work which may not be suitable to his designation and still come up with best possible outcome, reading books and maintaining library in our own home. He doesn’t take credit for all things he do. Students love him and trust him. In today’s world, there is a big gap in between student and teacher relationship but I never find that happen to him. He distinguishes himself in such a way that others admire and want to emulate him. He try to improve himself all the time and that’s the biggest lesson I have learnt from him.

He has always considered us as friends and not as kids. His influence on us is not in a dictating terms but keeping the options open and allow us to choose on our own. At times, he tried to become a father who helps their young kids understanding life, marriage and compromises and his take on all these things are still interesting.

Even in late 70’s he was a person who believed in gender equality and Woman’s right on choosing what she wants to do in her professional life and without having the Man EGO and that was quite interesting and I find it interesting today also.

I was never uncomfortable in telling him my problems, about my first love; not only he made me comfortable at that time, but he went out of his comfort zone to help me out in those critical times. Even when I was down and out and heartbroken, he explained me all things with different angles and stood by me whenever I needed and that was some relief.

When I am suffering from the illness, he is the one who travels with me in that journey and feels as if he is feeling the pain and taking care of mine in immense intensity, and I feel that’s how one should take care about his/her kids. His suggestions works like pearls of wisdom for me and hopefully I will have this magnificent aura around me till the end of my life.

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